Avid Energy Services is celebrating its grand opening and you’re invited!

Logging operations comprise only part of the jobs Avid Energy does.

Chris Clegg
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A potential for growth is what prompted Avid Energy Services Inc. to locate an office in High Prairie.

Avid purchased the old Joe Quartly Trucking land and building March 4 and quickly began expansion plans. They immediately applied to build a camp and received approval from High Prairie town copuncil.

Avid Energy Services Inc. is owned by Murray Broadhead and Clay Beal. The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary in June. The head office is located in Slave Lake.

Beal says the potential for growth was the key factor to invest in High Prairie.

“The decision was based off of a growth plan,” he says.

“Since the company has grown exponentially over the past few years, we were in need of a new facility to support our growing operations,” he adds. “Originally, we had planned to build a new shop and office in Slave Lake on existing owned land. As we explored this option with the Town of Slave Lake there was some unwillingness to work with us to help make the business case to invest there economical. So, we started to explore other options in the surrounding areas.”

By coincidence, Joe Quartly Trucking entered the picture.

“We looked at it from all angles,” says Beal.

“Probably the biggest ‘pro’ is our ongoing logging relationship with Tolko High Prairie and with the mill being rebuilt and coming back online this year there are some big advantages for us and them with us taking this facility over and working closely with them in the surrounding areas,” he adds.

But that is not the only reason.

“It is important to also note we will be more efficient in servicing our current oilfield clients from this location in the surrounding areas of High Prairie as well,” says Beal.

Avid’s services are not limited to trucking. Avid is a logging and oilfield construction company. They also provide construction, road building and reclamation, as well as log harvesting and log hauling, maintenance and mulching, site restoration, trucking and remote camp services throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

Beal says, currently, Avid employs 10 full-time employees working daily at its High Prairie office. Altogether, including its Slave Lake and Edmonton offices, the company employs 90 full-time employees.

“Once our logging operations begin in the (High Prairie) area and our camp to support the operations is set up and operational, we should have 15-20 full time employees at the (High Prairie) location,” he says.

“In peak season in the area we should have about 30-50 employees in the field, obviously this depends on project requirements,” he adds.

Avid invites the public to their grand opening May 10 starting at noon. A free barbecue will be held and a bake sale with proceeds forwarded to the High Prairie Wilderness Camp.

If you have any questions about their many services, please Contact Avid in High Prairie at (780) 523-3558 of the head office in Slave Lake at (780) 849-5447. You can also visit their website at avidenergy.ca or visit their office in High Prairie’s west end by the seed plant.

Avid has plenty of equipment to get the job done quickly.
Clearing the land for another job!

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