Attending Fern’s Mother’s Day event has become a local tradition

Owners of Fern’s Greenhouse, Layne and Allison Gardner.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Parking space was at a premium at Fern’s Greenhouse on Sunday May 12, as many people observed the local tradition of visiting the greenhouse on Mother’s Day.

Even though it was extremely busy, the 60,000 square foot greenhouse could easily accommodate the crowd and everyone browsed and shopped at their own pace without inconveniencing others.

It was a very relaxed, family occasion with an apparent majority of mothers and daughters celebrating the day together while shopping for flowers.

Fern and Huguette Turcotte, established Fern’s Greenhouse in 1987 as a much smaller enterprise and over the years the Turcotte’s developed the business into the current 60,000 square foot enterprise that has earned the loyalty of people throughout the Peace region.

Fern’s daughter Lynn and Lynn’s husband took over the business in 2007 and ran it until Allison and Layne Gardner bought it in January 2017.

The Gardners also added a store located on 102 St. in Peace River, run by business co-owners and family members Ian and Eleanor Gardner.

This is the third Mother’s Day that the Gardners have hosted at Fern’s and according to Lynn, they are pleased with the large turnout and pleased also with how people in the Peace River region have maintained their loyalty to the business.

Fern’s begins planting in March, at which time people come by to place their custom orders. However, the public don’t purchase flowers that early so Fern’s usually hold their season opener event towards the end of April

With Mother’s Day, when people customarily come out to browse the greenhouse and purchase plants and flowers for their gardens, the buying season gets into full stride.

The next event at Fern’s Greenhouse will be Children’s Day on Sunday May 26 and while the greenhouse will open from 10 am to 6 pm, for those wishing to take their kids to the petting zoo it may be best to arrive around noon.

Fern’s Greenhouse is located close to Jean Cote on Highway 744, 14 Km north of Girouxville and 43 km south of Peace River.

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