Arena roof needs urgent repairs

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Much-needed repairs to the roof of the Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre and a new sand filter for High Prairie Aquatic Centre have been authorized by Town of High Prairie council.
At its regular meeting Aug. 9, Town of High Prairie council approved a recommendation to support a contract to repair the Buchanan building to Seko Construction at a cost of $73,900 on condition that the High Prairie and Big Lakes County each contribute 50 per cent of the cost from unrestricted reserves.
The recommendation was presented by the joint recreation commission of High Prairie and Big Lakes before the contract is awarded.
Big Lakes council plans to discuss recommendations for the roof repairs and pool sand filter at its regular meeting Aug. 24.
Recreation superintendent Ramona Rollins says roof repairs are desperate.
“The roof on the Gordon Buchanan Recreation Centre is in need of urgent repairs due to water leaking into the arena and the auditorium below,” Rollins says.
“Ice builds up on the roof throughout the winter and the arena manager is required to shovel the snow and ice off daily in terrible winter conditions.”
Work is scheduled for the fall.
Council also approved additional funding of $21,915, shared equally from the town and county, to install and replace the sand filter assembly at the pool.
The town will use AFM media for the unit and replace the other three sand filter mediums with new AFM media.
“After receiving long-awaited quotes, the pricing is slightly more than anticipated and there are many replacement options to choose from,” Rollins says.

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