Annual Smoky River Mud Bogs held in Donnelly

The Smoky River Mud Bogs were held in Donnelly during July 30 & 31, which included a lawn mower race. Here are several photos to highlight the event. Look for a story about the mud bogs in the August 10 edition of the Smoky River Express. Also, check the Smoky River Express’ Facebook page for a series of video clips of the event.31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#10(PNG) 31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#9(PNG) 31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#8(PNG) 31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#7(PNG) 31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#6(PNG) 31 Mo SmokyRiverMudBogs#5(PNG) 31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#4(PNG) 31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#3(PNG) 31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#2(PNG) 31 MO SmokyRiverMudBogs#1(PNG)

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