Annual Falher Honey Festival delights thousands who attend

Dan Labrecque of Dan the Stickman of McLennan took part in the Honey Festival parade to show some of the services his business offers.

Emily Plihal
Local Journalism
Initiative Reporter

Falher’s much-anticipated annual fun-filled Honey Festival took place last weekend and residents and visitors to the area were pleased with all of the events available to partake.

Much to the delight of Falher residents, the festival returned to Main Street this year, a request many have made to organizers since it was moved to the Regional Recreation Complex.

“I love that the Honey Fest was back on Main Street this year,” says Joe-Anne Emard, adding that one of her favourite parts was the outdoor market.

“The rides and bouncy castles were perfect entertainment for my 11-year-old and any child I know who attended. My favourite part was the stage and outdoor music festival.”

The festival featured four amusement park rides, an axe throwing competition, a market for all home-based buisesses, and bouncy castles for the kids to enjoy.

“We attended the Honey Bee Festival,” says Jeannette Laflamme. “We had our grandchildren with us and they had a blast, it was a very well-organized event and we loved that everything was on Main Street.

“It was great to have the beer gardens close so we could hear the entertainment. We would like to thank everyone involved who worked so hard organizing this wonderful event,” she adds.

Event organizers were careful to make sure they had a little bit for everyone, with both a weekend-long baseball tournament and a one-day beach volleyball tournament held for sports-minded enthusiasts.

“I hope that next year they do the same but maybe with the stage more central to the rides and beer garden,” says Emard.

“Then they can direct it towards the midway during the day. Overall, for me, the feeling was nostalgic but better than any other I’ve ever attended.”

Special suppers were held both Friday and Saturday evening, along with pancake breakfasts on Saturday and a special breakfast for dads on Sunday.

“My daughter had a great time,” says Tara Gagnon.

“The rides were fun, and she loved the mini market. My son, Andre, enjoyed watching baseball.”

Beer garden visitors had a great time, listening to dozens of live entertainers through the weekend.

The annual festival is the region’s way for local people to kick off and celebrate the beginning of summer in the area.

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