A HPE tradition continues!

Left-right are teacher Brenda Coulombe, Knowledge Keeper Chris Cunningham, teachers Jocelynne Belyan and Charlene Porisky , showing their finished drums.

Judeah Gilroy
Marlyse Mukuna
HPE Reporters

This is Judeah and Marlyse reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
In Grade 5P, Sophie Delorme and Marcus Matula are the September Star Students. This week, students begin exploring their first Science unit, Weather! Let the fun begin!
Grade 1B has been busy settling into the routines of a new school year. Students are busy reviewing letters and sounds. Ask them to sing you the Better Alphabet Song. In Math, students are sorting and in Science they are starting their Colour unit.
In Grade 2CL, students are practising Number Sense. They are subitizing, making tens, counting, composing and decomposing numbers using songs, cards, games and blocks. Math is fun!
In Grade 1I, students are learning each other’s names and all the sounds of the alphabet. They decided their classroom rules are:

  1. Be a good friend!
  2. Have fun!
  3. Try again!
    In Grade 4S, students during Social Studies, will develop their mapping skills and understanding of cardinal directions. Where is Alberta in relation to Canada? They will find out. In Art, students will learn a series of strategies to develop a self-portrait.
    HPE will be having their Terry Fox Walk on Sept. 29. Keep sending in those Toonies for Terry!
    The last week of this month HPE staff and students will be focusing on Indigenous culture. Students will be talking and learning about residential schools. Ask your child what they know and learned that week. In many classes this is an ongoing learning for both the students and staff following the promises made with the Truth & Reconciliation.
    Last week, teachers Charlene Porisky and Brenda Coulombe participated in a special Personal Development Day. Chris Cunningham was invited to teach the teachers about making drums. They learned the significance and importance of the drum and smudging. The teachers will be using their drums throughout the year as they continue to learn with their students about Indigenous culture. Especially with many of the books they will be reading. Their students will also be learning to play the drum.
    Teacher Brenda Coulombe is hoping students will be able to have Handgames again and the drums will be used for the HPE team.
    A special thanks goes to Cunningham for again sharing his knowledge with us.
    Our first school council meeting is on Thursday, Sept. 23 at 6:30 p.m. This meeting will be both virtually and in person. An invitational email will be sent to parents in the next few weeks.
    This has been Judeah and Marlyse reporting to you from High Prairie Elementary School.
Knowledge Keeper Chris Cunningham and teacher Brenda Coulombe [not shown] tying a drum.

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