Accused tells judge he won’t let him down

P.R. court docket
Thursday, Nov. 18
Judge J.R. McIntosh

Jesse Paquin and Coalton Breuer appeared in Peace River provincial court on Nov. 18 but it will be their last appearance in that courtroom.
Judge J.R. McIntosh is sending them back to Falher provincial court where he says, “I think they belong.”
The investigating detachment for their cases is McLennan.
Both men face multiple charges including possession of stolen property, housebreaking with intent to commit a crime, obstructing a police officer, and breach of conditions.
The men, who are both remanded in custody, will appear in Falher court on Dec. 5.

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Nicholas Glover, of Fairview, was an add-on to the docket. He faces multiple counts of break and enter, theft of a motor vehicle, breach of probation, failure to comply, and failure to appear in court, plus one count each of shopbreaking and housebreaking.
Glover asked to proceed with a bail hearing without a lawyer, persisting despite the Judge J.R. McIntosh’s attempts to advise him he could have a couple of weeks to find a lawyer.
Glover’s previous lawyer removed himself as his counsel after the accused recently failed to appear for sentencing at court in Fairview.
“He’s not your lawyer anymore,” said Judge McIntosh. “You’re going to have an uphill battle getting released.”
Glover pleaded his case.
“I want to know if I can get bail to see my wife,” Glover said. “We just lost our kids.”
Glover allegedly stole a radio from a locked shed and was seen on his neighbour’s CCTV wearing a mask. A local who saw a man in a mask carrying a radio while driving by thought it was suspicious and took a photo when he lifted his mask.
Glover also allegedly entered a neighbour’s residence and “ransacked” a file cabinet, in addition to not being home as per his conditions when police checked his residence on an unrelated domestic violence call.
Glover is also charged with stealing shop tools and a Chevy Silverado from Stucky Electric in Fairview, and a witness allegedly saw him backing over a quad with the work truck.
After a search warrant was executed and the truck found and searched, Glover and a co-accused were charged. Glover then missed his court date for sentencing in Fairview.
Glover told the court he was on drugs when he was charged for robbing Stucky Electric, but is not on drugs anymore.
He also said he and his wife were considering leaving Fairview to get away from people who are a bad influence.
“If I can have one more chance your honour, you will not be let down,” Glover said.
However, Judge McIntosh pointed out some of Glover’s alleged crimes occurred very recently and during the period Glover said he had been clean from drug use.
“I believe detention is necessary to ensure this fellow’s presence in court,” the judge said, and denied Glover’s bail.
“You’re not going home now, you’re staying in jail.”
Glover will appear in court again Nov. 27 in Fairview.

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