Alberta job loss numbers climb, NDP policies to cause further harm – Wildrose Party

Wildrose Party
News release

The latest Labour Force Survey numbers released by Statistics Canada reveal that Alberta’s economy continues to negatively impact hardworking Albertans looking for employment, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today (June 10).

The month of May saw employment fall by 24,000 with losses spread across several industries. Particularly concerning was the significant total loss of hours worked across all industries, which at a 5.1 per cent decrease was the largest monthly decline in 30 years.

“Albertans are continuing to see job opportunities dry up as the economic downturn in our province endures,” Wildrose Shadow Jobs Minister Grant Hunter said.

“I am very worried that on top of the prolonged downturn as a result of low energy prices, the NDP government’s ideological policies are going to make things a lot worse.”

The NDP government has signaled that it is doubling down on risky policies that will significantly hurt everyday Albertans. The $3 billion carbon tax and a refusal to reconsider a $15 per hour minimum wage are already hurting everyday Albertans, and forcing businesses to close.

“I am very concerned that there will be an ongoing trend of businesses being forced to shut down as a direct result of the NDP government,” Hunter said. In Calgary we have already seen businesses facing the impact of increased costs and higher minimum wage, like the Atlantic Trap and Grill and Escoba Bistro. Instead of blindly following ideology, the NDP government must use data and common sense to make their decisions, including economic impact studies as Wildrose has long advocated for.”

Wildrose will continue to urge the NDP government to stop their risky policies, and consider their true impact on Albertans.
Samantha Johnson,
Deputy Director of Communications and
Press Secretary

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