A spirited, competitive zeal at McLennan’s Seniors Fun Day


From left, Cecil Dickner, Pierrette L’Abbe, Norma Sobolewski, and Paul Dubrule, the first place carpet bowling team.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The Seniors Fun Days cribbage and pool tournaments were held at the McLennan Golden Age Club and the carpet bowling tournament segment at the McLennan Legion Hall a few doors up, on Thursday February 25.
Seventy-nine participants were involved in the days three events.
The Seniors Fun Day began at 10 a.m. with lots of food and refreshments were available to keep everyone energized and on their game throughout the event.
It was a full day of friendly rivalry and serious gamesmanship with the carpet bowling competition, which was the last to end, finishing around 4 p.m.
Seniors fun days also take place in Falher, Donnelly and Girouxville.
The next Fun Day get together and competitions will be held at the Club Alouette in Falher on Thursday March 3.


09 TH SeniorsFunDay-CarpetBowling#2(THREE-COLUMN)

From left, Gerard Blanchette, Angele Blanchette, Killer Girard and Denis Dentinger, second place carpet bowling team.

09 TH SeniorsFunDay-CarpetBowling#3(THREE-COLUMN)

From left, Ron Doyle, Pauline Doyle, Mike Doyle and Suzanne Doyle, third in carpet bowling.

09 TH SeniorsFunDay-PoolWinners(TWO-COLUMN)

The snooker pool winners. From left, Jean Gosselin – Third, Marcel Trudeau – Second and Charles Mackell – First.

09 TH SeniorsFunsDay-CribWinners(TWO-COLUMN)

Cribbage winners Fern Chailler, Adrien Dubrule, 2nd place. Gerard Beland, Norman Valiquette, 1st place and Irene Lanctot and Lina Ouellette also 2nd place.

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