A lot on the agenda at SARDA “Summer Field Tour” 2019

Crop Extension Specialist, Clair Langlois, was also a guest speaker.
Guest speaker, Mike Gretzinger, research coordinator at Farming Smarter

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Producers, mostly from the region, attended the Smoky Applied Research and Demonstration Association (SARDA) 2019 Summer Field Tour, on July 25.

SARDA’s mission is “To facilitate the transfer of unbiased ideas and information between research institutions, industry and agricultural producers.”

As a gathering of agricultural producers, industry representatives and specialists, the annual Summer Field Tour is part of that transfer of ideas and expertise that brings producers abreast with current developments and innovations.

Established in 1986, SARDA works within the Municipal Districts of Smoky River, Greenview, Northern Sunrise County, Big Lakes County and the County of Grande Prairie.

Along with the Alberta Wheat Commission, Alberta Canola, Alberta Barley, Alberta Pulse Growers and St. Isidore Co-op, the five MDs are also sponsors of the program and numerous businesses in the region provide sponsorship for the SARDA Field Tour.

Due to heavy rain, organizers had to forego the actual field tour this year and hold the entire event at the SARDA Ag research building that opened last year.

A number of exhibits were set up for participants to peruse before guest speakers offered their presentations during the event.

The guest speakers included Mike Gretzinger, a research coordinator at Farming Smarter, and Clair Langlois, a Crop Extension Specialist.

Smoky River Economic Development Officer, Diane Chiasson spoke about industrial hemp and SARDA Research Agrologists Megan Snell and Darcy Boisvert were also speakers.

Due to the cancellation of the field tour, the steak supper and entertainment began at 5pm, an hour earlier than scheduled.

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