A fascinating display of scientific enquiry

Engineering and Physical Sciences 7-8 Grant Teichroeb and Nathaniel Hansen (gold), Ryan Rohatyn (silver) and Cam Grenier and Sydney Bernetic (bronze)

TA Norris and Glenmary schools’ Science Fair

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Over 300 students exhibiting approximately 230 projects took part in the Peace River Science Fair on February 20.

The Grade 7 to 9 students event, hosted by Glenmary and TA Norris schools exhibited approximately 230 projects in such disciplines as Biology Sciences, Chemical and Earth sciences, Engineering and physical sciences.

Within the three categories, a multitude of scientific enquiry took place from projects that examined which type of nut is best for starting a fire, the emotional response people have to particular shapes, aquaculture along with exploring temperature and viscosity.

The gold winners in the Grade 7-8 category were Mulu Selig in Biological Sciences for her project “Do people associate shapes and emotions.” Bianca Schwartz in Chemical and Earth Sciences for her project “Flammable Fabric softeners,” and Grant Teichroeb and Nathaniel Hansel in Engineering and Physical Sciences for their project measuring Temperature and Viscosity.

Silver winners in the three categories respectively, are Vijeth Castelino “Smart Chicken,” – – Avery Shaw “Vitamin-C” and Ryan Rohatyn for “Sun and Solar.”

The Bronze winners are Jonathan Goudreault for “Microwave Manipulation,” and Samantha Monette for “Which nut is a better fire starter,” – Cam Grenier with “ Quelle type de balle” and Sydney Bernetic with “The ladder to Success,” tied for bronze in the Engineering and Physical Sciences category.

The Grade 9 silver winners in the three categories respectively are Jordan Coen for “Skipping” – Jaida Davoren for “Plants and CO2” and Brayden Belzile and Laken Rein for their project “Free Energy.”

The bronze winners in the Grade 9 categories are Danny Lorincz for “Aquaculture” – Thrizelle Saluna – for “Tsunami,” and Michael Basc for “Dam Science.”

Biological Sciences 7-8: from left: Mulu Selig (gold), Vijeth Castelino (silver) and Jonathan Goudreault (bronze)
Biological Sciences 9: Andrew Paras (gold), Jordan Coen (silver) and Danny Lorincz (bronze)
Chemical and Earth Sciences 7-8: From Left: Bianca Schwartz (Gold), Avery Shaw (silver) and Samantha Monette (bronze).
Chemical and Earth Sciences 9: Salamat Ibrahim (gold), Jaida Davoren (silver) and Thrizelle Saluna (bronze)
Engineering and Physical Sciences 9: Josh Hewko and Mitch Davis (gold), Brayden Belzile and Laken Rein (silver) and Michael Basco (bronze)


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