9 deserving volunteers recognized

Nine residents of Northern Sunrise County were recognized recently for their volunteer work in the community and region. The Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Volunteer Appreciation Awards, which recognized efforts in 2021, were supposed to be presented earlier in the year during Volunteer Week in April, but organizers hoped COVID restrictions would be lifted and a full gala held. Such was not the case. Profiles provided courtesy of Northern Sunrise County.

Northern Sunrise County is now accepting nominations for the 2022 Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Volunteer Appreciation Awards. Categories include youth award [18 years or younger], adult volunteer award [between 19-64 years], senior volunteer award [65 years and older], and the Penny Butz Volunteer Award [eligible to Village of Nampa residents only]. People are eligible for awards if they exemplify the spirit of community service, demonstrate initiative, leadership and creativity in their service to others, serve as a positive role model for others in the community, and contribute to the community as a whole.

Francois Allard
. . .Adult Award recipient.
Francois Allard has sat on the executive of the Peace Valley Snow Riders Snowmobile Club since 2018. Since joining the board he has donated transportation, a buncher and a processor to assist with clearing trees from the trail systems. He was also instrumental in securing a groomer and was the recipient of the Groomer-of-the- Year award in 2018. He took a lead role with the development of the club’s website, which has significantly increased the visibility of the club. Allard has assisted with the development of the Smith Mills trail, Baytex Wesley Creek trail, Leddy Lake rest area, and Brownvale Community Access/Southend Loop, to name a few. Allard’s contributions have had a significant impact in supporting the success of the Peace Valley Snow Riders Snowmobile Club.
Frank Armella
. . .Senior Award recipient.
Frank Armella has been an active member of the Peace Valley Snow Riders Snowmobile Club since its inception in 2009. Along with trail development, Armella was solely responsible for raising funds for the club to purchase an Arctic Cat groomer with a trailer, which was acquired in 2012. He has been an active member of the Northern Sunrise County Volunteer Fire Department since 2014. He has won the Rookie-of-the-Year award and the Merit award, the highest award a member can achieve in the County Fire Department. Armella supports the Rural Crime Watch, Candy Cane Check Stops, Carnaval, Fire$mart barbecues, and the PARTY program to name a few. Armella truly is an exceptional member of the Snowmobile Club and a contributor to Northern Sunrise County, a resident worthy of this recognition.
Dana Butz
. . .Penny Butz Award recipient.
Dana Butz has many great attributes. She is dedicated, reliable, patient, extremely compassionate and everyone thoroughly enjoys volunteering alongside Butz, as she is always positive and very approachable. Butz is involved with countless non-profit organizations and with coordinating community activities and events such as: the Nampa School Enhancement Society, school book committee, holiday activities, casino fundraisers, Nampa Community Gardens, Nampa Family Day celebration, Farmers Day, and various Nampa FCSS programs. Penny Butz would have been very proud of Dana and for her continuous commitment to the community.
Doug Campbell
. . .Adult Award recipient.
Doug Campbell currently sits on the Nampa Public School Council and the Nampa School Enhancement Society as the president and has a passion for the education and the health of the students. He is an active member of the Nampa Golden Pioneers and was pivotal in coordinating the extensive renovations needed at the Senior Centre. The wealth of knowledge he has brought to both these boards is invaluable. In addition to the executive roles he holds, he spends a large portion of time volunteering at various Nampa FCSS functions and assisting local seniors with their daily tasks. Campbell is an outstanding member of the community and the community is truly grateful to have had the initiative, innovation, commitment and leadership shown by Campbell.
Marie Dyck
. . .Senior Award recipient.
Marie Dyck is highly organized and has a wealth of community knowledge. She supports the regional communities through her volunteering efforts and is aware of the needs and supports available within the communities, allowing her to successfully advocate for change. Her volunteer efforts include the Peace River Chamber of Commerce board of directors, Northern Lakes College board of directors, Winter and Summer games volunteer, president and board member of the Nampa & District Historical Society, chair of the 1982 Homecoming in three separate communities within Northern Sunrise County and Village of Nampa. She was also the chair of the Nampa Kindergarten Society when it first opened and is currently the school board trustee. Dyck’s goal to volunteer is to support the community growth of the county and to benefit its residents.
Del Gardner
. . .Senior Award recipient.
Del Gardner is one of the most committed volunteers within the region. She has been a part of the Harmon Valley Ag Society since the mid-1950s, most notably, assisting with the annual Fall Fair for over 30 years. She has been involved with the UFA [formerly Unifarm] since 1958, the Rural Crime Watch, the Nampa Historical Society, Nampa Library Board, and the Nampa Golden Pioneers. Gardner was instrumental in forming the Junior Forest Wardens Club in Nampa and was the leader from 1974 until the club folded. She has also committed countless volunteer hours to the Nampa United Church since 1967, assisting as a Sunday School teacher, organizer of the bazaars, cookie walks and as the secretary until the transfer of the church and land was made to the Historical Society.
Kaeden Krahn
. . .Youth Award recipient.
Kaeden Krahn is a true team player. He can work with anyone, on any type of task and does so with a “can do” attitude. He is kind to the students and staff and is very helpful with the younger students. He volunteers in the classroom to help out even when the task is not very pleasant, such as taking out the recycling in -25C weather. Once he finishes a task, he always asks if any more help is needed. He takes pride in the Nampa School, in the community, and makes it a much better place to be. When attending the Nampa/Northern Sunrise County Community Services events, he is always eager to assist with set up and clean up and offers his help throughout the activities.
Bradyn Proud
. . .Youth Award recipient.
Bradyn Proud is a leader amongst the students at the Nampa Public School. He shows this leadership in a variety of ways, helping both students and staff. As the student council president, he was integral in bringing new ideas to make the school a positive place to be and has spearheaded initiatives such as fundraising for a local animal shelter. He is a leader in class as well, coaching his classmates to be the best that they can be.
Nicole Proud
. . .Adult Award recipient.
Nicole Proud is selfless and caring, always there to lend a helping hand in the schools, surrounding communities, animal shelters, with community events and local church groups. She has a passion for creativity and demonstrates that in the various volunteer work she is involved in. Her volunteer commitments include coordinating music at Sutherland Nursing Home, assisting local churches with funerals, their events and as a youth leader, scribing for the Agricultural Society Horse Shows, volunteering at the Nampa Public School as a teacher assistant and hot lunch parent, and also with assisting local non-profit events such as the Women’s Shelter Festival of Trees and the FCSS Volunteer Appreciation Gala.

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