7 join staff at Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd School in Peace River welcomes a new principal, vice-principal and four new teachers this year. Left-right, are Louise McDonald, vice-principal Sadie Oberle, principal Krista Veitch, Shivon Couch, Alyssa Serote, Monique Ntep and Jodie Dell.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Good Shepherd School in Peace River welcomes a new principal, a new vice-principal and five new teachers.
Krista Veitch is the new principal.
“I look forward to further develop and strengthen communications and the sense of community between staff, students, and families of Good Shepherd School,” Veitch says.
She previously served as a principal at McLennan Ecole Providence and in Holy Family School at Grimshaw.
Veitch began her teaching career in 1999 and has taught in Newfoundland and Ontario from kindergarten to Grade 12, before moving to Alberta in 2012 to work with Holy Family Catholic Regional Division.
Sadie Oberle was promoted to the school vice-principal. She has been a teacher at Good Shepherd since 2013 and taught Grade 4 from 2013-18. In 2018, she took a year of educational leave to complete her Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. When she returned to Good Shepherd in 2019, she taught Grade 6 for two years.
Louise McDonald teaches Grade 1 English and enjoys her new role. She recently graduated with a Bachelor of Education in April.
McDonald was hired as a teacher in Valleyview to cover a maternity leave in the spring where she taught Grade 3.
Shivon Couch returns to teach Grade 6. She taught at Good Shepherd for three years at the beginning of her career, and at Glenmary School in Peace River for the past three years.
Alyssa Serote teaches Grade 2 French Immersion in her first teaching position. She graduated in April with her Bachelor of Education.
Monique Ntep teaches Grade 3 French Immersion. Ntep taught mathematics in a secondary school in Cameroon from 2014-18 before she moved to Canada.
Jodie Dell enters her first year at Good Shepherd. She teaches elementary grades. She has been teaching in Holy Family Catholic Regional Division since 2008.

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