3 councillors take a pass on attending conference

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Differing opinions on attending conferences arose when High Prairie town council discussed attending the annual Alberta Municipalities Convention and Trade Show later this year.
Councillor James Waikle said it was important everyone who could attend did so while Councillor John Dunn replied he had difficulty sending the entire council when they recently denied a $500 request to support an Indigenous celebration at J.B. Wood Continuing Care.
Mayor Brian Panasiuk opened debate by saying all of council was allowed to go but he immediately heard Waikle and Councillor Donna Deynaka were not going. Dunn added he was not attending because of so much time taken off work recently to attend to council business plus work commitments.
“I’m wondering if we need to send everybody else,” said Dunn, adding three might be appropriate.
“We are in a situation where we are trying to save money.”
“I don’t know if three people can cover everything,” replied Waikle.
“I think it’s important that the rest of you go.”
Panasiuk, and councillors Sacha Martens and Therese Yacyshyn are attending as is interim CAO Hermann Minderlein and a guest from Big Lakes County.
Councillor Judy Stenhouse was absent from the meeting so her attendance was neither confirmed or denied. Council did pass a motion allowing a maximum of four councillors to attend.

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