Youth aspires to be writer with first novel, ‘The Dreamscape’

Noah White with his novel, ‘The Dreamscape’.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Noah White has ventured into the art of novel writing and produced his first novel, ‘The Dreamscape’.

The story is about a girl who falls into a coma – and thereby into a dream state – and must bear witness to how it is affecting her family.

“She’s a bystander and can’t really control what’s happening,” says White. “She has to see what fate brings her.”

During Grade 12, White participated in the National Novel Writing Month, which was held in November. He had to write 50,000 words in a month for submission.

From January onward, White revised it several times using websites like and in the process.

The final product was a 148-page novel in hard copy format, although he is also selling it in e-book format on and

White has always enjoyed writing, especially in English classes in school.

White will attend the University of Alberta in Edmonton this fall and he is looking to complete a psychology degree. He wants to keep writing while in post-secondary studies.

‘The Dreamscape’ back cover description.

‘Step Into A Dream’
Violet Glendale is like most girls her age; she likes to spend time with her friends, she finds her brother can be annoying, and she would rather be at home in her bed than at school.
One day, Violet goes out to the mall with her friend Lily.
She never would have thought that today’s trip would be different than any other trip, but when Violet ends up out of her comfort zone in a place that she doesn’t recognize, she finds herself wishing she was home more than anything, and she is willing to do anything to make that wish come true.
But, as most lives are, she doesn’t always get to decide her own fate.

Online self-publishing resources
For those considering the venture of publishing their own works, here are some online resources to consider.

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. (frequenly asked questions).
. www.
. www.

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