Your 72-hour emergency kit: Part 2

Express Staff
Here is the second part of the 72-hour emergency kit information.
Check the May 10 edition of the Express for the first part.
Ready-to-go Kit
Keep ready-to-go kit items in a backpack, duffle bag or suitcase, in an accessible place, such as a front-hall closet. Make sure your kit is easy to carry, and everyone in the house knows where it is. Take it with you if you have to leave your house so you can be safe.
. 4 L of water for each person.
. Food that you don’t have to keep cold.
. Manual can opener.
. Plastic/paper plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons.
. Flashlight and extra batteries.
. Change of clothes.
. Card with emergency contact information and the number of someone to call who lives out of town.
. Pet food and supplies for at least three days.
. Small first aid kit.
. Personal ID card.
. Personal hygiene items, soap, hand sanitizer.
Store medicine you usually take near your ready-to-go kit.

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