Wildrose calls on NDP to release full costs in latest series of carbon tax ads

Wildrose Party
News release

With the NDP government’s new carbon tax and climate plan risking up to 15,000 jobs and dropping household income by $4 billion, today (June 20) the Wildrose Official Opposition called on the government to release the full costs of their most recent radio and television carbon tax ad campaign.

The government has already spent $700,000 advertising the NDP carbon tax last November and a further $750,000 to advertise their recent budget.

Wildrose Shadow Environment Minister Todd Loewen said if the government won’t be upfront with Albertans about the full economic cost of the carbon tax, the least they could do is tell them how much Albertans are paying for their most recent ad campaign.

“These NDP carbon tax ads not only hide the true cost of the carbon tax to working families, but come with a big price tag,” Loewen said. “The NDP are using even more of Albertans’ hard earned money to advertise a new tax that will mean massive job losses and less money for families. It’s totally irresponsible that the NDP won’t come clean on what this carbon tax will cost Albertans, the least they can do is tell us what they’re spending on these wasteful ads.”

For weeks, the NDP government has been running a series of advertisements across multiple platforms to advertise their new carbon tax, even before the legislation had been passed. Earlier this month, Wildrose House Leader Nathan Cooper raised a point of privilege which is still being considered by the Speaker’s office.

“Albertans right now are worried about their jobs, worried about their incomes and worried about broken health and education systems,” Loewen said. “There are so many more important priorities to focus on. Instead the NDP government is spending taxpayer dollars to advertise their new carbon tax and failing to even be honest with Albertans about its true cost.”

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