Work begins on repaving, sidewalk work in Falher

Sidewalk reconstruction on the east side of Main Street, by the Falher Friendship Corner Association.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Drivers entering Falher will have to adjust to the 30 km/h speed on Main Street for a several weeks, as the municipality has commenced its sidewalk replacement and street repaving work.

The work started on July 8, along Main Street in front of the Falher Hotel and the parking lot by the Falher IGA, and down to the Falher Friendship Corner Association. The Edmonton-based Raiders Site Services is doing the work and Anna Thompson, the safety supervisor, has issued a letter to business owners about the work being done.

“We’re letting them know that they will still have access to their businesses, and (asking them) to work with us and be patient while we get the new concrete in,” says Thompson. “Everyone seems happy that the work is getting done.”

The sidewalk work includes the removal of the bricks, but bricks will be re-laid in front of some of the businesses, as per agreements reached with the owners. Council approved this street improvement project during their meeting last January. On May 22, council approved the Raiders Site Services tender in the amount of $929,277.50.

Work on the sidewalk in front of the Falher Hotel. Cement work was also being done.


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