Winner of Learning & Literacy’s ‘Reading 10 Pages Per Day’ named


Laurrie Lloyd
Smoky River Adult Learning & Literacy

2015-2016 marks my second year being with Smoky River Adult Learning & Literacy.

Let the journey begin and yes it has! During my two years I have meet with some amazing people and have had a fantastic Board of Directors. With the transitioning of our board we are heavyhearted in saying fair well to the members that will leave this year. What a remarkable bunch of ladies you all have been.

Mrs. Brulotte attended with me on my first Symposium. Mrs. Laflamme and Mrs. Benoit became indispensable. Mrs. Beland what a cheerleader you are!

I am honoured to have your encouragement and kind words reflect on the energy and focus I have tried to bring to Adult Learning & Literacy.

When people can go beyond the focus of the job in remembering we all are human, we all have set backs, but it is our combine generosity of our hearts that we make this journey truly worthwhile and yes you have. Some have been
Instructors through the years and absolute pillars as our mentors. You all celebrated our 40th anniversary with Marilyne Despins, Rita Boulet, Barb Arseneault, Lorraine Beaudoin and Irene Lemire. You’ve added your willing hands and opened hearts to a vision that we all can help encourage our community to be the best that we can be in our journey to further our education as adult learners.

Leaving our board are members; Cecile Brulotte (six years), Yvette Laflamme (four years), Doris Benoit (12 years) and Lilian Beland (14 years).

On behalf of Smoky River Adult Learning & Literacy, “May the journey ahead of you be as delightful and fulfilling as you were to our board. Bon Voyage!”

For Smoky River Adult Literacy we come to a close for our, “2015-2016 Reading 10 Pages Per Day” challenge. This year’s winner goes out to Diane Blanchette.

Smoky River Adult Learning & Literacy will be closed for the summer from Wednesday, June 8 to open again on
Monday, August 15. To encourage all our learners please look for us on Facebook at Give us your input into, “What would you like to learn today?”

Maybe you’d like to be an instructor and pass on the knowledge in a skill you may have.

To those that have a calling in being a mentor to someone that may need to learn English or French bravo, for our community needs people like you.

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