Wildfire evacuees can still vote

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Campaigning is down to the final days and voters across Alberta go to the polls in a provincial election May 29.

Voters displaced by wildfires in their communities still have several options to vote, Elections Alberta states on its website.

Advance polls are open May 23-27 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. They are located in High Prairie at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall, in Falher at the Falher Regional Recreation Complex, and in Peace River at the Elections Alberta Returning Office at 9715 – 100 St.

Polls on election day will be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Where-to-Vote cards sent to voters in early May indicate where voters are required to vote.

Deputy chief electoral officer Pamela Renwick advises people to pre-register to vote.

“Electors must be registered to vote to cast their ballot,” Renwick says.

Voters displaced by emergency or disaster still have opportunity to vote. Advance voting locations offer Vote Anywhere Service, meaning that any elector can vote at any location in the province during the advance poll period, says an Elections Alberta news release on the website May 17.

Those who are in their electoral division are encouraged to vote at their local advance poll.

“This option will work well for electors who are near an advance voting location,” Renwick says.

New in the upcoming election, all voters are required to show identification to prove their identity and physical address whether they are voting in person, on election day, during advance voting or voting by special ballot.

Elections Alberta requests that can be done in one of four ways.

Voters are required to:
*Show their Alberta driver’s licence or identification card;
*Present two pieces of ID, both including their name and one showing their current physical address (ie. – a utility bill, a health card or an employee ID);
*Have another person vouch for them;
*Complete an attestation form online.

Electors who have a post office box or other mailing address on their identification are encouraged to register to vote with both their physical and mailing address.

Voters who are registered with both addresses will be able to use their identification with a mailing address when they vote.

Electors who have not registered with their mailing address must present identification to prove their physical address to register at a voting place.

For more information, phone main returning offices for Lesser Slave Lake at (1-833) 483-2825, Central Peace – Notley satellite office in Fairview at (1-833) 483-2797 or for Peace River at (1-833) 483-2932.

For more information, connect online at voterlink.ab.ca, elections.ab.ca, e-mail info@elections.ab.ca or phone toll-free to (1-877)-422-VOTE (8683).

Locations of polling stations have been confirmed for election day. Due to wildfires and evacuations, locations may be subject to change.

Polling Station locations

High Prairie region

High Prairie Royal Canadian Legion Hall
Banana Belt Hall
East Prairie Community Hall
Joussard Homesteaders Hall
Driftpile Church Addition
Enilda W.I. Hall
Sunset House Community Centre
Prairie Echo Community Hall
Peavine Recreation Centre
Salt Prairie Hall
Kapawe’no Community Hall
Sucker Creek Band Office
Whitefish Lake Band Office
Gift Lake Community Hall
Faust Multicultural Gathering Place
Kinuso Seniors Centre.

Falher-McLennan region

Falher Regional Recreation Complex
McLennan Town Centre
Donnelly Club Des Pionniers
Girouxville Club E’toile
Guy Community Centre
Jean Cote Community Centre

Peace River region

Marie Reine Cultural Centre
Peace River Cultural Centre
Peace River Misery Mountain Ski Hill
Peace River Baytex Energy Centre
St. Isidore Cultural Centre
Nampa Golden Piioneers Drop-In Centre
Harmon Valley Hall

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