Why 18 holes are good for your health

While golfing may not be the most athletically demanding sport,it does offer many health benefits to players of all ages. Anyone, from children to adults, can benefit tremendously from a round on the greens. Now more than ever, seniors are looking for ways to stay active and busy in ways that are fun and engaging. Below you will find the top 5 health benefits of golf for those of us aging gracefully on the golf course. 1. Heart Health

Physical exercise increases blood flow, pumping more blood to your heart. Golfing is a great way to get the blood pumping; carrying golf bags, swinging the club, and walking can all increase heart rate. Increasing your heart rate during a game helps lower your risk for stroke and diabetes and it can also lower your blood pressure and cholesterol if you maintain a healthy lifestyle. 2.Brain Stimulation The walking that takes place during a round of golf makes the memory circuits of your brain stronger, as blood supply is increased to the brain, helping it to function better. Planning your shots and strategies is also a good mental exercise for your brain. 3.Weight loss

You may have recently noticed the step counter craze taking place. Everyone is trying to get their 10,000 steps, the daily recommended amount for weight loss. When walking 18-holes you will easily exceed this step recommendation. Recent studies published by The Norwegian Golf Federation estimate that a male golfer burns about 2,500 kCals during 18 holes while female players burn about 1,500 kCals. 4.Reduces stress

The great outdoors paired with the release of endorphins you receive during a round of golf will increase your mood and make you more relaxed. Golf is a great way to relieve stress while enjoying the serene beauty of the outdoors, especially here in the Hocking Hills. 5.Improved sleep

Increased physical activity and mental stimulation from golf will help improve sleep, as your body is more tired and ready to soak up the rest. Regular exercise increases deep sleep, which has several corresponding benefits to your overall health.


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