Wayne Meyer, Alberta Liberal candidate for Central Peace-Notley

Wayne Meyer
Tom Henihan
Express Staff

A sense of community and that we are all neighbours who should work together to make lives better in Alberta, is a central tenet of Alberta Liberal candidate Wayne Meyer, who owns and operates a business in Spirit River, where he has lived for the past thirty years.

“I want to run for MLA to serve the people in this constituency,” he says, referencing the riding of Central Peace-Notley. “I will represent you and your concerns. I will travel across this large constituency and talk to people. I want them to tell me what they need to make their lives better. I will be your strong voice in the Alberta Legislature.”

Meyer also supports building pipelines including the Trans Mountain Project as such developments will create jobs and bring higher prices for Alberta’s oil and gas, which in turn builds the Alberta economy.

“The oil industry has been the life blood of this province and I support sustainable development that will benefit all Albertans. We must have proper consultations with all stakeholders to achieve an approval of this project.”

As an Alberta Liberal candidate, Meyer promises that he and his party will work to improve health care and place a special focus on seniors’ needs.

He says the Liberals promise to invest $150 million in home care and assisted living and another $100 million towards expanding preventative care.

“We will build 2,200 new long-term beds over the next four years,” says Meyer.

“We will provide universal dental care to improve dental health for all Albertans.

We will reduce dental fees. They are now the highest fees in Canada. We will change that to boost access and affordability.”

On schools and education, Meyer suggests we cap class sizes and include some basic skills to prepare young people for life, acknowledging that Alberta has fine schools and great teachers but that class sizes are getting larger.

“Alberta Liberals will cap classroom sizes so our children can have improved learning and education opportunities. We must prepare them for life as well as academics,” he says.

“Our young people also need basic skills like cooking, household maintenance, how to apply for a job, how to open a bank account, play in a school band, how to start a business and we need mentorship and leadership training for all our students.”

Meyer has a strong belief in preserving our heritage with a special emphasis on maintaining crown land, which he describes as “a precious resource that must be safeguarded.”

He also encourages Albertans to continue to re-evaluate all laws and regulations by asking if those directives benefit our children, our grandchildren and us.

He promises to talk to people and to consider their perspective when making all decisions.

He says he is looking forward to meeting all voters at the three debates, one at G.P. Vanier School in Donnelly, which happened on April 2, another in Valleyview and the third will take place at Club Alouette in Falher on Thursday, April 11 at 6pm.


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