Voters return Sawan as chief

Ivan Sawan is back for another term as chief of Loon River First Nation.
Voters chose Sawan for the top job on council in the March 14 election.
Joining Sawan on the new council are Cody Letendre, Shayne Letendre, Darren Noskey and Heather McTaggart. Both of the Letendres were incumbents, McTaggart and Noskey were not part of the previous council.
Sawan had two opponents in the election: Sara-Lee Margaret Nos- key and Andrew Noskey.
There were 16 candidates running for the four council positions including incumbents Angeline Auger, Cody Letendre and Shayne Letendre. Non-incumbents seeking council seats included Robert Stan Auger, Doroles Beauregard [Letendre], Pamela Lamouche, Floyd Letendre, Kevin Letendre, Willard Letendre Sr., Heather McTaggart, Clyde Noskey, Darren Noskey, Patsy Noskey, Bernadette Sharpe, Melva White and Sandy Whitehead.
Loon River has 668 members, according to its profile on the Lands Advisory Board website. Not all members live on the reserve. As of the 2021 census, 487 people lived on Loon River First Nation, which is located about 170 km north of Slave Lake.
Loon River’s last election was Aug. 3, 2019.

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