Volunteers clean up Highway 49 for fundraising

Pictured above, a group for Ecole Heritage. Left-right are Annalee L’Abbe, Charles Marinier, Perrine Salaün, Yannick Salaün and Chantal L’Abbe.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff


Two groups were out along Highway 49 on May 12 for the annual cleanup campaign.

Students for Georges P. Vanier and their parents, as well as students for Ecole Heritage and their parents, used orange bags for the work.

The GPV group worked from Donnelly Corner to the railway crossing at McLennan.

The Ecole Heritage group worked from Donnelly Corner passed the turnoff to Girouxville.

Members of Smoky River Emergency Services volunteered to monitor the two groups for their safety, as well as to pick up the garbage bags.

The highway cleanup is held across Alberta every year and the provincial government provides money to each group that participates.

The GPV group is using the money they receive towards graduation, while the Ecole Heritage group will put their money towards the Grade 5/6 trip to Drumheller.


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