Village of Donnelly to pursue paving project

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

During their meeting on Aug. 23, the council for the Village of Donnelly approved a motion to enter into a contract with Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd. of Grande Prairie, to do paving work on Gravel Avenue and two back alleys.

Survey budget approved
Council passed a motion to add a budget for staff to complete in the evenings.
Residents are encouraged to participate in the survey, which has the following questions:
. Are you aware of the programs your tax dollars support?
. Are you happy with curbside recycling?
. Should the council be involved with communication beyond the village boundaries?
. How do you feel about amalgamation with the M.D. of Smoky River municipality (change to hamlet status)?
. Comments.

Bylaws and policies
Councillors approved a Council Code of Conducts as a new policy.
Council also amended Policy #42, for the meeting procedures.
Council also approved Development Permit #06-17, with conditions, for an auto dealership in Donnelly.

FCM Municipal Asset Management Plan Grant
Council approved sending letters of support to each partner municipality.
Council also approved an amendment to Motion #121-17, to change it from a regional to an individual application.

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