Village of Donnelly – council notebook for January 16, 2017

Rita Maure
CAO for the Village of Donnelly
Interim Budget
Council accepted the 2016 budget as the 2017 interim budget.

Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission
Council moved to submit a request to AEB Commission that the Village of Donnelly have only one polling station. Currently the Village is split by the Range Road 210.
Council encourages residents to voice their opinion on this matter. Please submit your view by logging into our website; under the Notices tab you will find the link to Alberta Electoral Boundaries Commission.

Dissolution of the Village of Donnelly Chamber of Trade
Council has approved to dissolution of the inactive Donnelly Board of Trade(Chamber of Commerce) at the request of the McLennan Chamber of Commerce.

ATCO Electric
Street light on the west end of North Avenue was reinstalled by ATCO Electric. This was received as information.

Complaints received
Accepted as as information by council – one dog defecating on private property and one complaint about snow removal.

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