Villa Beausejour recognizes its volunteers with Volunteer Appreciation Day

Estelle Bruneau reads a poem during the lunch.

Lise Roby
Activity Coordinator
Villa Beausejour
On April 11, the Villa Beausejour held their annual Volunteer Appreciation Day.

Volunteers were invited to a luncheon at the Villa with entertainment to follow.

Volunteers give heart to our community and we at the Villa Beausejour are grateful to have such dedicated volunteers.

In one week, there is no less than 12 hours, and as much as 20 volunteer hours that occur here.

These hours are spent with, or for, the residents that occur here. We have 30 volunteers at this time that do all kinds of tasks, such as calling bingo, running errands, hand waxing and playing music.

Without their loyalty, this lodge would be a very dull place to live.

We would like to commend the Georges P. Vanier high school band for their impressive performance for our volunteers. We, the staff, and residents of the Villa Beausejour sincerely appreciate our volunteers for all they do.

Pam Heckbert directs the high school band.

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