Villa Beausejour Valentine’s Fun Day

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The Villa Beausejour celebrated Valentine’s Day in a quiet, relaxed fashion with the residents, their families and friends enjoying an afternoon snack in the dining area around 2.30.

There were no set activities for the day but prior to people dropping by to visit and have a snack a number of residents took part in a game of carpet bowling.

“Yes, that are no real set activities but I hand out Valentines sweets at lunchtime,” says Activity Coordinator, Lise Roby as she prepared strawberry shortbread for the mid-afternoon snack.

“I was supposed to have cream puffs but the lady who was supposed to come in this morning and make them fresh, she got snowed in,” says Roby. “So as she couldn’t come in and I didn’t have anyone else to make them, I decided I would change it to strawberry shortbread.”

Roby also says that not every Valentine’s Day but occasionally, she will have a small sale where the families and friends who visit will purchase the treats as was the case with the strawberry shortbread on February 14.

“The sale is not for the residents, they get this for free, only the visitors from outside have to pay,” says Roby.

The money raised from the sale goes to the Club D’age D’or, a club created by Villa Beausejour residents in 1973.


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