Villa Beausejour hosts annual corn roast and barbecue with other seniors’ lodges

Villa Beausejour residents gather for their barbecue and corn roast feast

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

As the end of summer nears, it’s a perfect time to hold a barbecue and savour some corn-on-the-cob.

The Villa Beausejour in Falher hosted such an event with seniors from Pleasant View Lodge in High Prairie and Red Willow Lodge in Valleyview on Aug. 29. Manager Aline Roy is pleased they could host this event.

“It’s so nice to have other lodges come, it’s really nice,” says Roy.

Lise Roby, the activities coordinator for the Villa Beausejour, started planning for it in early August. Roby is also pleased with the event, especially as approximately 100 people attended.

“I’m really pleased with the turnout, and the other lodges coming too,” says Roby. “They’re our sister lodges.”

Each lodge holds an activity during the summer and the others are invited accordingly, she adds.

For this event, guests enjoyed hot dogs and corn-on-the-cob, with some eating outside in the warm summer air. Some of the corn was sourced from the Villa’s garden, while the rest came from Raymond Bedard’s garden in Watino.

One person to offer her services to the event was resident Mercedes Benoit. She helped prepare and serve the meal and ensured guests were well taken care of.

Roby praises Benoit for all that she does at the Villa Beausejour, which includes tending to the garden, sweeping outside and shoveling snow.

“She’s a very busy lady,” says Roby. “She’s the one that makes everything every immaculate. She’s a very big help to the lodge.”

Following the meal, residents and guests participated in a game of card bingo, with Roby as the announcer.

Residents and guests eat and mingle outside in the warm weather.
Mercedes Benoit, a Villa Beausejour resident and one of the volunteers to help with the corn roast and barbecue.
Pictured above, in front, left-right, are Margaret Desjarlais, Janis Bloom, Evelyn Henry, Thomas Pruden, Verna Kozic, activity coordinator Norma Deuchar, Alfred Sunshine, Anthony Herban, Dorothy Willsie and Helmer Schmerbauch. Not shown are employee Taneille Crooks and Anne Olanski. These folks are from Pleasant View Lodge in High Prairie. Seniors and staff from the Red Willow Lodge in Valleyview were also invited.
Lise Roby, the activities coordinator for the Villa Beausejour, prepares corn-on-the-cob for residents and guests.


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