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Vic’s Car Care in operation since 1980, is the longest same owner/operator business in Falher.

They grew from a small house garage to the big shop at the corner of Main Street and Highway 49.

Having seen a lot of changes in the automotive industry and demand of different types of repairs required was the reason behind the growth of this business.

Vic has always been open to new challenges and hated to say no to a customer when asked “Can you help me with this?”

Whether it was repairing something or finding a part that someone needed; he would give it a try.

Along with this theory, comes the increase of different services he is offering and the variety of inventory he has.

You are welcomed to stop in and see their 3,000 sq. ft. showroom displaying all their Automotive, R.V., Small Engine, Outdoor Sports parts and accessories.

Having Bumper to Bumper has given them a wider range of access to different parts.

They have the biggest selection of Interstate batteries in town and also at a very reasonable price.

It is the go to place for all your Auto and R.V. accessories, parts and service.

You can just about call it a One-Stop Shopping Centre.

If he can’t do it or get it, which is usually not often, he will let you know who can help you in town.

He says being in a small community, we all have to work together.

Their biggest challenge throughout all these years has been the wide variety of products now available, the economy and staffing.

Ryan Guindon is in parts and always willing to help the customers with any request.

Maggie Stout works part-time to help keep the showroom clean, serve customers and odd jobs.

Eveline Roy takes care of administration while Vic still likes to be hands on with the mechanical work and serve his customers.

Along with what was previously mentioned, they are also the ECHO Chainsaws & lawn and garden equipment center.

NEW this year is the battery operated chainsaws, blower, lawn mowers and whippers.

They stock a variety of small engine parts and also service small engines. They are the LANDA PRESSURE WASHER CENTRE for sales, parts and service for the area.

The last few years he has sold some golf carts, and along with that came parts and service for them. He has even customized and dressed up a few carts to what customers would like. He will also rent golf carts for certain occasions.

You might notice rental equipment in the showroom is missing because the space was needed for the other display, the rental equipment was relocated to the Famous shed at the back of the shop and they still have the huge selection of equipment they had before and plus more, as he is continuously adding on as per customers’ requirements.

You just have to ask and they will gladly show you what you need to rent to get your home or work project done easier and faster. Vic says he has over 300 different pieces of equipment available which he takes pride in keeping in proper running condition.

Services available in the shop are automotive repairs such as air conditioning, brakes, charging and starting system, cooling system, CV joints, drive train, electrical, 4X4, front end, fuel system, ignition, mufflers and exhaust, shocks and struts, steering and suspension, tires, tune-ups, basic maintenance, lube and oil changes, fleet maintenance, brake drum and rotor machining for both light vehicles and heavy duty truck, flywheel machining, boil out engine blocks and cylinder heads, and insurance inspection.

Don’t forget they do both motorhome and holiday trailer repairs and has a huge selection of parts in their showroom.

He can get your unit going in the spring, maintenance and repairs during the summer season and winterize them for the winter.

Should you require extensive repairs or insurance repairs on your unit, winter is a great time to do it as there isn’t as much pressure to have it ready for the weekend.

Also new in last few years is the Mouse Free Product that has proven itself quite well, with many good stories from many satisfied customers.

It is an oily product that stops mice from entering your RV. It is easy to apply and non-toxic.

You can do it yourself or they are capable of doing it for you.

Many people are also using it on their farm equipment, tractors and combines, trucks and vehicles.

Yes they still do RADIATOR & COOLER SERVICE – cleaning, repairing, recoring, rebuilding or new replacement.

Even if you have an old vehicle that you are rebuilding Vic has lots of knowledge in the old mechanical system. It brings him back to his younger years.

As for towing, he is usually available 24/7 for road emergencies, boosting and vehicle unlocks.

Now equipped with three different trucks, he can haul different size of loads, from small car to big rigs.

He can also haul sheds and different equipment. We have a locked compound for storage.

He is now equipped with a sander in a truck so he can spread gravel or sand on icy parking lots as well as snow removal with the bobcat, should you require that service just give him a call.

In the south compound, he can now provide you with secured cold storage and parking for motorhomes, holiday trailers and boats.

Not to forget they also sell or rent out containers.

Vic, Eveline and Staff wish to thank their customers for the past support, patience, consideration and look forward to serving you again.

Located at 942 Main Street SE
780-837-2665 – 780-837-2666 – 780-837-2726


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