Official list of candidates for council, school board

Mac Olsen

Express Staff



Here is the Official roster of candidates, including incumbents, for some councils and for both school boards.

Look for the final roster in the near future. The deadline to submit your name for council or trustee was noon on Sept. 16. The municipal and school board elections will take place on Oct. 16.


Donnelly Council has not filled the five seats available. Therefore, nominations remain open at this time (Tuesday 6:00 PM). Nominations will be accepted at the Donnelly office between 10:00 AM and Noon each day until a minimum of five candidates file papers, or if there are more, an election for the entire council will be held on October 16.



Town of Falher

Gary Braithwaite

Lindsay Brown

Donna Buchinski

Bradley Drouin

Robert Lauze

Rene Limoges

Sandra Primeau

Geoff Turnquist

Town of McLennan

Michelle Fournier – Mayor (in by acclamation)

Councilor Nominees (for six positions)

Margaret Jacob (incumbent)

Leo Giroux

Sue Delaurier

Marie-Anne Jones

Dwayne Stout (incumbent)

Eckhard Christian (incumbent)

Isaac Pocherla


High Prairie School Division No. 48

Ward 1

Lynn Skrepnek

Karin Scholl


Holy Family Catholic Regional Division

Ward 2 – McLennan

Gary Fisher by acclamation

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