Face-to-face: Trudeau should visit the oil sands, meet with energy workers

Wildrose Party
News release
Today (January 16), Wildrose Leader Brian Jean called on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to meet with him and oil and gas workers in the oil sands whose jobs he promised to phase out last week.

Jean said Trudeau would never take on any other regionally-specific economic sector in Canada, and needs to meet with energy workers and have a real discussion about their issues.

“Mr. Trudeau seems to have some flawed ideas about the oil sands, so I think he should visit us up here in northern Alberta and find out what the oil sands truly mean to Fort McMurray, Alberta and all of Canada,” Jean said.
“If the Prime Minister is truly committed to phasing out the oil sands, he will need to tell us to our faces, not from some perch in Ontario.
“I’d be happy to show him around and introduce him to the residents of our community.”

Jean said Trudeau will be in Alberta for a Cabinet retreat in late January, and could plan a visit around then.

“The oil sands have been the economic engine of Canada for many, many years, and the people who make their living in the oil sands deserve to speak to their prime minister face-to-face.”

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