Treaty 8 members re-elect Grand Chief Noskey

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Arthur Noskey was re-elected Grand Chief of Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta, the organization announced July 30.

“I am honoured to be re-elected,” says Noskey.

“I will continue to shine a light on the atrocities that have been, and still are being done, to our people.”

The recent discoveries of children being found in unmarked graves across Canada is an issue he will not forget.

“All victims of the residential school system,” he says.

“While we believed our children were receiving an education, they were in actuality being tortured, murdered, experimented on, sterilized and buried in unmarked graves.

“Residential schools have played a critical role in the attempted genocide or our people by the Crown,” he adds. “We have lost a generation of our ancestors in the residential school system.”

Amidst many media reports on what is the best route to take moving forward, Noskey says an apology from the Pope is not needed.

“That time has passed,” he says.

“I ask for the repeal of the Inter caetera and Doctrine of Discovery, two papal bulls issued by the Vatican in 1493. The two papal bulls enabled the European colonizers to steal our land and dehumanize our people.

“The federal government must adhere to King George’s Royal Proclamation of 1763 which recognizes our sovereignty and title to our territory.”

Noskey brings to Treaty 8 First Nations a strong commitment to First Nations issues and a dedication to protecting treaty rights.

Born and raised in Loon River, Noskey still resides in the community with his wife of 29 years, Mary Noskey. They have three grown children.

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