Two-day track and field event at Routhier an exercise in friendly competition and character building

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Routhier School held its two-day track and field event with the Grades 4 to 6 students competing on June 7 and Grades 1 to 3 on June 8.

The older Grades participated in eleven events and the Grades 1 to 3 competed in ten.

Approximately 230 students participated over the two days in events such as 100-meter and 200-meter high jump, javelin, running and standing jump, hurdles and skipping with the very young kids also participating in potato sack and scooter competitions.

In each event, students receive a ribbon for first, second, third and fourth place with each ribbon worth a specific amount of points.

At the end of the events, teachers tallied up the points and the first, second and third overall winners received a medal at a ceremony on Monday morning June 12.

A member of each group also received the “Most Sportsmanship Award,” where each teacher nominated a student for showing the attributes of good sportsmanship by encouraging others, having a lot of fun, and just being the person who offers supports everyone.

“It is not necessarily about those who are winning all the time, but those who show the best character,” says Phys Ed teacher David Gingera. “I have come to a place in my life, from being very competitive where winning was everything to realizing that building a strong character is far more important. You can bring those character traits forward into other situation in life.”

G.P. Vanier students helped out at the Grade 4 to 6 event working with the students and manning the stations. Routhier Grade 4 and 5s ran the stations for the younger kids at the June 8 event.

There was excellent weather for Routhier School’s two-day track and field event June 7 and 8 when approximately 230 students participated in about a dozen different competitions.

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