Town of McLennan Council Notebook – February 13, 2017

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
McLennan & District Chamber of Commerce
Council approved a request from the McLennan and Region Chamber of Commerce for the use of the main level of the H.W. Fish Arena at no charge for the Trade Fair in September.
Kimiwan Campground
On a motion from Councillor Margaret Jacob, Council approved to abolish the campground attendant position and to sell and remove the mobile home.

Growing the North Conference
Council approved sending one Councillor to the Growing the North Conference in Grande Prairie, February 22 and 23.
Canadian Postmasters & Assistants Associations
Council approved sending a letter of support to the CPAA for postal banking.
MMSA Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
On a motion from John Nairn, Council approved to participate in a study to determine the feasibility of a regional Subdivision and Appeal Board under the direction of MacKenzie Municipal Services Agency.
2016 Federal Census
Council accepted the 2016 Federal Census count of 701 as the official population for the Town of McLennan.
McLennan Railway Museum
Council approved a $2,000 donation to the McLennan Railway Museum to assist with the placement and renovation of an early 1900’s bunkcar.
St. John the Baptist Cathedral Parish
Council approved a $3,000 donation to the St. John the Baptist Cathedral Parish to assist with the maintenance of the Catholic Cemetery.
Handicap Parking Stall
A request for the designation of a handicap parking stall at ATB Financial was denied.

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