Town of McLennan 2017 Year in Review

Mayor Michele Fournier
Town of McLennan

Another year has come and gone!

For the Town of McLennan the summer of 2017 was a busy one. Council approved several capital projects for 2017 including the resurfacing Railway Avenue and a block on 1st N.W.

As well as a cold mix application was applied to some roads on the South side and the portion of road behind the arena and 5th Street N.E.

Improving street safety included the addition of two new three way stops on the south side to help reduce the speed of traffic.

In addition to the above capital projects the Town removed some z-brick sidewalks in the Town Centre area and replaced it with new concrete sidewalks.

The H.W. Fish Arena had some upgrades done during the summer months.

The dressing rooms were upgraded with new paint, drop ceiling and new showers and new lights were installed above the ice surface.

The 2017 municipal election in October brought some changes for McLennan Town Council.

Members whom didn’t run again were Jason Doris, Gary Fisher, John Nairn and Margaret Jacob.

Returning Councillors Dwayne Stout, Leo Giroux and Eckhard Christen were joined by new Council members Marie Anne Jones, Sue Delaurier, Isaac Kocherla and Mayor Michele Fournier.

Municipal government is not new to Michele Fournier as she was Mayor for McLennan from 2004-2007.

Although the lakeshore burn didn’t happen as scheduled in 2017 due to it being to wet, we did get some under brush clearing done as a preventative measure.

At the campground, the management was changed from having someone on site manage the campground to it being managed by the municipal office.

Council would like to thank all of those who volunteer in our community and thank our town staff for all the work they do to make McLennan a more enjoyable place to live.

The Town of McLennan Council would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Prosperous New Year.

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