Town of Falher Council Notebook August 13, 2018

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

MMSA – Municipal Planner
Jan Sotocinal is a Municipal Planner with Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency (MMSA) with which the town of Falher is affiliated. Sotocinal spoke to council regarding planning and bylaws related to the commercial sale of cannabis in the town, covering such matters as proximity to schools, parks, and health centres etc.

Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment
Moved by Councillor Lauze and carried that council is in agreement not to sell the physician house at this time.

Smoky River Tourism Building
Moved by Councillor Drouin and carried that the Smoky River Tourism Association maintain the essential utilities at the Tourism building until December 31st, 2018 as per the terms of the agreement. Carried
Moved by Councillor Lauze that the Railway Museum in McLennan be contacted to see if it is interested in the NAR Building with a response from the Museum required by Oct 5th, 2018.

Moved by Councillor Roy that we will participate in the meeting and Mayor Buchinski will be attending the meeting on August 15th.

Memorandum of Understanding with Big Lakes County
Moved by Councillor Drouin and carried, that the Town of Falher should sign the “Memorandum of Understanding” with Big Lakes County.

Bylaw 18-09 LUB Amendment – Cannabis
Moved by Councillor Roy and carried that Bylaw 18-09 be accepted as information.

Bylaw 18-12 – Fire Services Bylaw
Moved by Councillor Lauze to accept as information.

Policy 605 Fees
Cemetery – Grave Cover Removal
Moved by Councillor Drouin that the rate for single grave cover removals be approved as presented and be included in the Fees Policy # 605. The fee schedule for a grave cover removal: saw rental, $35 – Bobcat 30 minutes approximately, $51.50 – gravel truck, one hour, $105 – labour, one hour, $35 and disposal $10.

Assessment Review Board Fee
Moved by Councillor Drouin and carried, that the fee for Commercial Assessment Review Board Appeals (CARBs) be increased to $750.00 and a rate of $75.00 for Residential and Farm Assessment Review Board Appeals (FARBs) be approved.

Falher Ball Diamonds – FABULAS
Moved by Councillor Roy toapprove FABuLAS’ request to provide Letters of Support for the CFEP Grant Application and the MD Recreational Capital Funding Grant on the condition that Town of Falher has final approval on the ball diamond project.

Assessment Review Board (ARB) Clerk
Moved by Councillor Drouin and carried, that Ms. Corinne Savill be appointed as the Town of Falher’s Assessment Review Board Clerk for 2018.

Director of Public Works Report
The Director of Public Works reported on the following matters: Main Street – Concrete work completed. Asphalt stared August 14, 2018.


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