Town agrees to pay debt for Peace Country Sports Club

The Peace Country Sports Club formerly managed the Al “Boomer” Adair Rec Centre.

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

Since the Peace Country Sports Club publicly announced it will be closing its doors Aug. 31, the organization has been working to clear up its debts.

The club managed the Al “Boomer” Adair Rec Centre.

“They are in a bit of a process addressing their operational debts, closing off their books and doing their process shutting down as a non-profit,” director of community services Tanya Bell told Peace River town council at their regular meeting on Sept. 23.

The Town of Peace River provided the club with a loan guarantee on a loan that still has $8,861.28 owing.

“I was provided with a notice from the organization that they would not be able to pay past their amount of July 31,” Bell said.

Bell recommended council pay off the rest of the loan, absorbing the cost within the operational budget and using surpluses in the recreation budget to help offset the expense.

“This addresses the debt immediately in a timely manner so we don’t have any more accumulation of any further interest. This also removes this amount from our overall debt limits the town is responsible for,” Bell stated.

“We could go back to the sports club and request they find some way of managing this issue outside of the Town of Peace River taxpayer. This maintains the responsibility back to the club, however the club is also dealing with other debts they need to address which are of significant priority being Canada Revenue Agency so therefore they need to address that debt, and at this point I would suggest this would be undue hardship on that organization to try to address this further.”

Council voted to pay off the debt and any accumulated interest.

Outgoing club vice president Bernard Pinard says the club expected the Town to help pay off the loan since they are listed as guarantor. He says the loan was for building repairs such as heating repairs.

“We may try and reimburse the Town once we’re done selling off all the remaining assets,” Pinard says.

Besides holding a garage sale, the club has listed some of its equipment for sale on Facebook. Fitness on the Go has already bought a majority of club’s weight training equipment.

“They also offered any of our former members that had six-month or year membership a discount,” Pinard says.

Club members can show a Peace Country Sports Club membership card to get the discount, and can contact board members if they need any help.

The local preschool is the only tenant still in the Al Adair Rec Centre, and will soon be moving once their new location.

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