Tough act to follow for Viersen

Joe McWilliams
For South Peace News

Incumbent Conservative MP for Peace River – Westlock Arnold Viersen might have a hard time matching his 80 per cent capture of the vote in the 2019 election.

But it’s winning the seat that’s important, and he hopes enough Conservatives manage that across the country this time to get out of opposition and into government.

“Last election we got the most votes of any party,” he says. “Hopefully we can translate that into the most seats this time.”

‘Securing Canada’s Future’ is the theme for the Conservative Party of Canada campaign this time. Jobs, accountability, mental health and balancing the budget are four of the main planks in the platform.

The fifth, called securing the country, calls for “creating a strategic stockpile of essential products, ending our reliance on China and building pipelines to secure energy independence.”

Viersen is all over the last item. He’s been hammering away at the need for pipelines for years. He was expecting to be doing it as an opposition member for a couple more years, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to jump the gun on the election.

The timing is bad for him and his family, Viersen says, because his wife is expecting their fifth child.

“Due on Sept. 3,” he says.

Viersen says what’s most important now is unseating the Trudeau government in Ottawa.

“We’re doing well in the polls,” Viersen says.

Viersen grew up in Neerlandia, north of Barrhead. He was working as an auto mechanic when he first got elected to parliament, at the young age of 29.

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