Thousands attend annual Driftpile Powwow

Driftpile held its annual celebration of culture at the Driftpile Powwow June 16-18. Spectacular Grand Entries highlighted the weekend. Master of ceremonies Denny Bellerose, Devin Bellerose and Stan Isadore kept things moving quickly, much to the enjoyment of the thousands attending. Prizes were awarded in several dance categories and drumming. Powwows are held not only for First Nations residents to celebrate their culture, but for all people to join in friendship. Spotlight thanks Kelly Chalifoux of Driftpile First Nation for submitting the photos.

Driftpile First Nations councillors Napoleon Collins, left, and April Isadore, were proud hosts of the event.
A men’s fancy dancer awaits his turn to dance after the the Grand Entry ceremony conclusion.
Powwows encourage people of all ages to participate in a celebration of their culture. Above, youth group introductions occur during the Grand Entry.
Driftpile First Nations Chief Dwayne Laboucan and some members of council observe proceedings during the Grand Entry.
A men’s fancy dancer shows the elaborate regalia worn by dancers.
Chief Dwayne Laboucan greeted visitors during the Grand Entry.
Town of High Prairie Mayor Linda Cox, left, and Big Lakes County Reeve Ken Matthews, attended.

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