The View From Here – It’s a real downer to see those who opposed legalizing cannabis now profit from it

Tom Henihan

Everyone is entitled to change his or her mind. In fact, it shows evidence that someone is open to new ideas and willing to adjust their position in light of new information rather than fearfully hanging on to an old ideology or creed.

However, when a person does an about face on what they formerly pronounced as a strongly held conviction, because the change in position has become financially profitable, that is not a genuine change in position but a move prompted by pragmatism and greed.

In relation to the legalization of pot, it is mercenary in the extreme to have others fight the battle and win only to have those who opposed them in that fight to now benefit.

Of course, it is to be expected that those who opposed the legalization of cannabis and vilified and criminalized those who used it, are now championing the new industry and profiting from the changes in the law for which others paid a heavy price over the years.

One of the most prominent of these opportunists, a prior prohibitionist who is now profiting from the legalization of pot, is former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

Mulroney’s conservative government once tabled a bill that would have classified marijuana in the same category as heroin and other hard drugs.

However, according to the CBC, Mulroney is now a member of the board of directors of U.S. cannabis company Acreage Holdings and he has become a champion of the cause, lauding Canada for being in the vanguard and an inspiration to other countries.

In talking about the Liberal government legalizing cannabis Mulroney told the CBC that it “is the way to go.”

And apparently for Mulroney it is the way to go, along with fellow pothead, John Boehner the former Republican Speaker of the House who is also on the board of Acreage Holdings.

In what appears an effort to justify his convenient change in position, Mulroney told CBC that “It takes a while for certain people and certain things to catch up with reality and great social advances — as I’ve indicated — come in waves. And this is one of the waves that I think will have Canada showing the way for the rest of the world.”

Apparently, making money from cannabis can also deliver an awesome buzz, as there is something almost euphoric in Mulroney’s enthusiasm for what he formerly believed to be a dangerous, noxious substance. The former prohibitionist must believe that legalization magically attenuates the plants harmful effects.

Of course, Mulroney is not alone in taking the high road on legal pot. CBC listed a number of former politicians currently on the board of cannabis companies.

The list includes Julian Fantino, former Liberal cabinet minister Martin Cauchon, former British Columbia Premier Mike Harcourt and former Ontario Premier Ernie Eves.

This is an unlikely rogue’s gallery of former politicians sitting on the board of cannabis companies. Obviously, knowing your stuff and believing in your product isn’t a prerequisite as I haven’t heard of Willie Nelson or Cheech and Chong being appointed to the board of any cannabis companies.


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