Thieves target Nampa Fire Station

Tools and a First Aid kit were stolen from the Nampa Fire Station the weekend of March 21-22. Police are still looking for the thieves.

Susan Thompson
South Peace News

The Village of Nampa’s public works and fire hall were both broken into sometime over the weekend of March 21-22.

Nampa’s public works was entered forcibly through a back gate and door. Several tools were stolen.

Whoever was responsible then gained access to the Nampa Fire Station and took a tool box, First Aid kit, and several more small tools.

“I can confirm that the matter was reported to Peace Regional RCMP who attended the scene and are being supported in their investigation by the Peace River Forensic Identification Section, who also attended the fire hall to conduct a forensic examination at the scene,” says Sgt. Dave Browne, Operations NCO for the Peace Regional Detachment.

Northern Sunrise County fire chief and director of Protective Services David LeBlanc, says the fire hall items that were taken totalled about $1,200 in value, while the items stolen from Nampa’s public works are worth much more.

He says some of the items taken include flares, scene/caution tape, traffic cones, a traffic wand and a reflective vest. Coffee, cleaning supplies and granola bars were also taken.

LeBlanc took to Facebook to ask for the items back. He hopes his public pleas will reach whoever took the items.

“I am reaching out to the ones who broke into the Nampa Fire Hall this weekend,” his public statement reads.

“Some of the items you took will be of no use to you but are needed to protect our firefighters when responding to your call or the call of someone you know.”

LeBlanc hopes whoever took the items will drop them off somewhere so they can be recovered and put back into use for fire and rescue calls.

“It’s unfortunate that you hit a local fire hall that’s there for you and that we had to spend tax dollars on a security system which was installed today,” he says.

LeBlanc says the new security system cost $3,500.

The Nampa events follow what seems to be a rash of fire hall thefts across the Peace region.

A fire hall in Sexsmith was broken into on March 2 by a masked man. A laptop, tactical laptop bag, portable radio and wild land firefighting gear bag were stolen in the robbery. The suspect was caught on camera and was wearing a green winter coat with an orange zippered pocket on the left shoulder and black shoes with split white stripes.

A second fire hall in the County of Grande Prairie was robbed about two weeks later on March 12. Two masked men wearing gloves broke in to the Bezanson Fire Hall and took three pieces of soft body armour, a chainsaw and extrication tools.

The value of the items was approximately $30,000 to $40,000.

Sgt. Browne says, “Investigation is continuing at this time and it’s too soon to make a determination as to whether this break-in is related to incidents stemming from the County of Grande Prairie, though there’s no evidence to suggest that they’re related at this time.”

Police ask anyone with information about the Nampa incident or the whereabouts of the stolen property to contact Peace Regional RCMP [780] 624-6677 or Crime Stoppers at [1-800] 222-8477 [TIPS], online at www.P3-, or by using the “P3 Tips” app available through Apple App, or Google Play Store.

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