The Page – November 2, 2022

South Peace News shared this tidbit of information with the councils from Falher, the M.D. of Smoky River, Donnelly and McLennan Oct. 19.
“June 10, 2020: Efforts to repair or upgrade the Winagami Lake wading pool fail. Environment and Parks Minister Jason Nixon writes the Village of Donnelly, Town of McLennan and Big Lakes County with the news. ‘Unprecedented economic challenges’ with the COVID-19 pandemic are cited.”
Well, now that revenues have increased we suggested the following:
“Now that the Alberta government is in a better financial situation, perhaps they can reopen the Winagami Lake wading matter? With revenues rising, perhaps ‘economic challenges’ are no longer an issue? And now that Todd Loewen is back in the UCP caucus,” we suggested.
In short, maybe it was time to get this issue back on the table. The wading pool was a very popular park attraction.
We heard nothing back.
The next day, Oct. 20, Central Peace – Notley MLA Todd Loewen was appointed Minister of Parks, Recreation and Forestry! How about that!
Later that day, McLennan and Donnelly responded to our suggestion. We are told it will be on McLennan’s agenda in November.
Hey, if you don’t ask, you know what the answer will be!
Loewen is now the top dog in the ministry. Listen to his words in our page 4 story.
“In many ways, I will have even more opportunity to represent local folks and their needs through my role as minister,” he said.
“I am passionate about both the ministry role and promoting the needs of my riding,” he added.
What better time to ask than now?
No, we did not have any inside information on Loewen’s appointment!

Please buy a poppy and proudly wear it until Remembrance Day Nov. 11.

The Page has attended dozens of Remembrance Day ceremonies over the years but there was one that was very special.
Years ago, two elderly ladies were assaulted and robbed in High Prairie in early November for a small amount of money. The public was outraged.
But come Nov. 11, one of the women attended the ceremony. There she was, with bruises and cuts for all to see. She made no attempt to cover her injuries. It would have been so easy for this woman to stay home and not show herself in public until she healed. Who would have blamed her?
But, no! It was too important to her, and no doubt she found it her duty, to attend and pay respects! There she was, proudly attending, and be damned what anyone thought how she looked!
God bless her!

A man was in the bar telling the barkeeper he was getting a divorce.
“What happened?” asked the barkeeper.
“Well, it was my birthday last week. I got up in the morning and the wife did not say a word. I was heart-broken.”
The barkeeper said that was pretty terrible of her to forget.
“That’s not all. Not one of my children remembered either. After all I’ve done for them, not one birthday wish. Then I get to work. Not one co-worker remembered my birthday. Not one!”
“No one remembered your birthday?” asked the barkeeper.
“No, not really. My secretary did! After work when everyone left, she wished me a ‘Happy Birthday!” and said she had something for me. She left the room, told me to wait in the company lounge while she got something, and went to the back of the office.”
A few minutes later she came back with my wife, children, friends and co-workers and a big birthday cake.
“Happy Birthday!” they all yelled.
“What’s wrong with that?” asked the barkeeper.
The man replied, “I was naked!”

Have a great week!

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