The Page – December 18, 2019

Dang! If we are teaching in school, do we fight back against pop culture?
Here is a line from a hit country song these days: “I am leaving, but I ain’t going nowhere.”
Oh well! “Ka-ching” and kudos to the writer/singer for turning bad English into cash.

Here is a letter to an eastern Alberta weekly newspaper we ran across last week:
“This afternoon I drove through our Lac La Biche and noticed gas prices rose two cents to 106.9 and 107.9. I had to go to Grassland to pick up a parcel and their gas prices were 92.9 – 15 cents a litre just a half-hour drive. What the hell. We are being ripped off. I have noticed so often, but now I am pissed.”
Join the rest of us!
On this topic, why do we never hear from local politicians or MLAs about this? The fuel companies used to tell us it cost more to truck gasoline from the refinery to rural Alberta. That pretty well fizzled out when one added up the cost of running a tanker to Grande Prairie added up to something like $5,000 some days according to pump price differences between Edmonton and GP. Which, of course, is ridiculous!
Next it was small markets don’t pump enough gas, so the small town gas stations have to charge more to eke a small profit. It doesn’t explain at all why Fort Assiniboine is often cheaper than Barrhead.
Sorry, the whole thing seems to be a matter of just “charge what the traffic will bear – and a little bit more.”

Keep in mind gas station operators don’t set prices. They just follow what the market guy at head office figures should be the “prix du jour.” In English that means “see where the dart lands” or “perfect joke of the day.”
Something like that.
Give your friendly neighbourhood station operator a smile. He or she probably gets a lot of not-smiles.

So of course, your hard-working columnist rushed over to to check around Alberta to see what prices were like. We were especially curious because local gasoline prices haven’t changed much, if at all, in the past few weeks.
As of Dec. 12:

Town Price

Edmonton West 88.9
Whitecourt 90.9
Barrhead 92.9
Airdrie 93.9
Calgary North 94.9
Grande Prairie 94.9
Rycroft 99.9
Slave Lake 99.9
Lloydminster 102.9
Beaverlodge 104.9
Peace River 104.9
Lac La Biche 106.9
Valleyview 106.9
High Prairie 107.9
Fort McMurray 108.9
High Level 116.9
Jasper 117.7

Cheapest in Alberta – Edmonton South Costco at 82.9.
Sorry, no data for Fairview, Falher, McLennan, Manning, or Grimshaw.
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A few weeks ago we ran an item here how one of our staffer’s doggie found not one, but two abandoned kittens on a back road here in the Peace Country. The staffer took the little animals, both basically skin and bones, back to the office. They are now twice as big, with fat little tummies! And they seem happy!
So here is an item about a High Prairie fellow, out hiking for Movember, coming across a similar kitten finding a new home. The little fellow apparently is now minus a frost-bitten tail, but doing well. You can read about it on If you can’t easily find it, do a search for “frostbitten feline randomly rescued” It’s a cute read and video.
All of which means, is it that hard to find an animal shelter where you might drop off your unwanted animals, or those you can’t afford to look after? Find a way, please. They can’t help themselves being born.

We are not getting many Christmas greetings for our online pages.
Simple to do, and free! Head to either or Click on the sidebar ad and fill out the form. If you would like to donate to the Community Christmas Card in High Prairie, you can do that too at the same place. Either way, simple to do. The online stuff, like we said, is free.

For those picking up this newspaper in and around Peace River, and discover it gone from the newsstand, send us a note online at either one of our websites if you were disappointed.
We didn’t pull the paper, the store just ran out! Two weeks ago, half of our dozen locations in Peace River ran out and it takes awhile for that news to cycle through our system. So, you can speed it up by calling direct 780 523-4484.

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