The importance of the Arts

Kaitlyn Langelier

Sports awards can seem the most prominent of a school’s achievements.

In a school, the feelings of pride following their home team’s victory often overshadows the academic achievements of students.

Without question, physical activity is important in the development of a child. Yet, still, should our communities be doing more to honour the students’ talented in other areas?

Art – believe it or not – is a key aspect in the growth of a child. Creativity works to instill positive traits and paint visionary ideas into growing minds. In the view of society however, those who pursue their love for art are often labelled as weird, obscure, or just flat-out nerdy.

Why is a kid who spends all his free time practising his slap shot praised more than his friend who spends free time practicing for his piano recital?

In our community, we should work on commending the efforts and results of the students who spend hours of their lives dedicated to creating and performing just as much as we praise those who practice and play in the arts


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