The Fieldman’s Files – tree seedlings program update

Normand Boulet, CCA
Agricultural Fieldman
Some new species of tree and shrub seedlings were added to the M.D. program recently, so if you have not ordered trees yet, it’s not too late, and if you have you should read this anyway, there are new species worth considering.

Woodmere Nursery, the provider of seedlings for our program recently contacted us to say they had some very interesting additions for our program.

A hybrid Blue/White spruce which will grow like a white spruce but has the looks of the blue was added, as well as Manitoba maple. In addition we had more hybrid poplar made available.

At this time we are not positive if they will be North West, Okanese or Green giant – but all these hybrids are fast growing, quite similar in appearance and growth habit and none of them make poplar fluff so they are all welcome additions to either yard or field shelterbelts.

Highbush cranberry and Dogwood were taken off the “interest only” list and confirmed they will be available.

In addition to these new species, we still have available “unlimited numbers” of White spruce and Lodgepole pine, and limited quantities of Blue spruce, Lilac, Siberian larch and Green ash.

All of our seedlings are sold in bundles (some bundles of 10, others 15) and all are very economically priced from $3 for a bundle of 10 (i.e. Siberian larch and Blue spruce), $4 for a bundle of 15 (White & Hybrid Blue/White spruce, Lodgepole pine & lilac) to $5 for a bundle of 10 (all the deciduous species).

The M.D. is still taking orders of seedlings under the 2017 program. We will continue to take orders until mid-May for seedlings delivered at the end of May.

Order forms can be picked up at all the Town and Village offices, as well as at the M.D. office and on our website. Orders can be placed at the M.D. office. Feel free to contact me at (780) 837-0043 or by email at with any questions.

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