Technology positively impacting the majority of Alberta business owners: ATB Business Beat

Canada News Wire
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As the world continues to move at a faster pace, the majority of Alberta business owners believe technology is benefiting their operations and intend to stay on top of it.

According to the latest ATB Business Beat, 88 per cent of small and mid-sized businesses say technology has had a positive impact on their business operations over the last five years, up six per cent from 2013.

Increased productivity (29 per cent) and increased ease of work (21 per cent) were the top reasons that saw an increase since 2013. Respondents also agreed that new technology is changing how business is done in their industry (82 per cent) and felt they were getting the most out of the technology they’re using (84 per cent).

“The pace of technological change can be quite daunting,” says ATB’s Wellington Holbrook, Chief Transformation Officer. “The good news is that this technology revolution is creating new opportunities for Alberta’s small and mid-sized businesses and enabling them to find new ways to innovate, compete and improve the way they work.”

Sixty per cent of respondents felt their business was vulnerable to disruption if they don’t keep up with the latest technology, however 37 per cent disagreed. Regardless, nearly three quarters planned to invest in technology over the next 12 months, which is consistent with intentions in 2013.

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