Sucker Creek Capitals, “Summer Slam 4 Ball Best Ball Cash Scramble” an unqualified success

Sucker Creek Captials event organizer Lonnie Willier presenting the prize money envelope to the winning team. From left: Tyler Shantz, Dave Temple, Austin Gould and Kyle Shantz holding the trophy.

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Sucker Creek Capitals, Legends 5th Annual “Summer slam “4 Ball Best Ball Cash Scramble” took place on Sunday July 29 at Smoky River Regional Golf Course in McLennan.

Twenty-three teams took part in the event, which enjoyed hot, sunny weather throughout the day. Participants from across the Peace River region took part in the event with some making the trip from as far away as High Level. Perfect

By all accounts, no matter how far one travelled the event was well worth the trip. The overwhelming consensus was that the annual event was exceptionally well organized, the course was in excellent condition and along with great weather, great competition, handsome prize money and no shortage of playful banter, those involved agreed it couldn’t have been any better.

The Summer Slam “4 Ball Best Ball Cash Scramble is a fundraiser for the Sucker Creek Capitals hockey team but unlike many similar events, the organizers pay out the majority of the money raised in prize money, keeping approximately 8 percent of what is raised.

At the July 29 event there was $8,340 was paid out with an addition $1,500 donated by sponsors for the $100 each hole prizes.

The event also had a number of draws with a $208 fifty-fifty prize.

The winning teams were captained by Lup Badger, Roy Cunningham, Jesse Emard, Philip Ghostkeeper and Starr Sasakamoose.

The trophy went to the Tyler Shantz team along with $2,100 in prize money. The other members of the team were Dave Temple, Austin Gould, and Kyle Shantz. The new trophy was donated by Jesse Gouchey.

Participants gathering by the clubhouse at the end of the “4 Ball Best Ball Cash Scramble.”
Team members attend the prizes presentation in the clubhouse.


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