Sue Delaurier steps up to the plate on McLennan Council

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Sue Delaurier has lived in McLennan her whole life.

The mother of young family with a son in Grade 6 and a daughter in Grade 10, Delaurier has been a member of the McLennan Recreation Board, a member of the Curling Society and active on the Centennial Celebrations Committee.

She has worked with Canada Post for twenty-three years and is currently the Post Master at McLennan Post Office.

Delaurier says that she is looking forward to the challenges of working on council and is also looking forward to working with the other members of McLennan Council on behalf of the community.

I guess you’d say I’ve a vested interest, I’m a younger person and we’ve built a home here, she says. “ I have lived here all of my life and I am a firm believer that if you want to have a say you have to step up to the plate.”

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