St. John the Baptist turkey and tourtiere supper, a successful fundraiser and great community event

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
St. John the Baptist Parish held its annual turkey and tourtiere supper on Sunday, December 4. Over 200 hundred people attended the event including Archbishop Gérard Pettipas.

The event provided a perfect social occasion with community members having an opportunity to relax, converse and enjoy good food together.

Along with an excellent turkey, tourtiere and desert supper the event also included a wide variety of donated items for the silent auction, a 50/50 draw, bake sale and a visit from Santa Clause.

The winner of the 50/50 draw generously donated half of his winnings back to the parish and the other half to the Ryan Rondeau fundraiser.

Archbishop Pettipas took the opportunity to say goodbye and thank Father Jean who was flying home to the Congo the following day.

Father Jean spent three years serving in McLennan and before moving to McLennan was the parish priest in St. Isidore and Nampa.

“He came to us at a time of great need,” the Archbishop said, “and as with all priests who come to us from other countries, we should be very aware the any sacrifices they make coming to Canada, such as often leaving a very different and usually warmer climate.”

Father Jean said he had mixed emotions, sad to be leaving on the one hand and happy to be going home on the other.

“I am very grateful to his grace for allowing me to serve in his dioceses and all the parishioners here in McLennan and in St. Isidore and Nampa, and may God continue to bless you and your families and all your enterprises.”

The Archbishop also introduced one of the new priests who will be resident in McLennan. Father Eucharius Chuyimagha, originally from Cameroon arrived recently from Nigeria where he was working just prior to coming to Canada.

Father Eucharius will spend the next few weeks with Archbishop Pettipas in Grande Prairie getting his affairs established in Canada, dealing with such practical matters as getting a drivers license, social insurance etc. He is due to take up residence at the Chancery House mid to late January.

A second priest, Father Christian Ogbonna is to arrive in Canada shortly and will also be resident at the Chancery House in McLennan. Father Eucharius and Father Christian both of whom are Vocationist Fathers will serve a number of communities in the region including St. Isidore and Nampa.

Fr. Jean thanking Archbishop Pettipas and his parishioners before leaving McLennan to return home to the Congo.
A large assortment of homemade baked goods were available as part of the parish turkey and tourtiere supper event fundraiser.

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